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  • A new generation retirement home, Korian La Cotonnade, will be opening in Pfastatt (68), November 2020

A new generation retirement home, Korian La Cotonnade, will be opening in Pfastatt (68), November 2020

Charles-Antoine Pinel, Managing Director of Korian France Seniors, Filippo Monteleone, Chairman of CAREIT and Yann Balaÿ, Healthcare-Education Asset Management and Acquisitions Manager for Primonial REIM, celebrated the completion of the structural works for the future La Cotonnade retirement home in Pfastatt, which will open at the end of 2020.

Pierre Lespinasse, Delegate for the Haut Rhin department, Josiane Mehlen-Vetter, 2nd Vice President of the Haut-Rhin Departmental Council and Francis Hillmeyer, the mayor of Pfastatt were also present for the occasion.


The project involves relocating an existing structure in the “Pfastatt Le Château” land parcel, in the new La Cotonnade district; the new building was designed to meet the standards of the Korian Group and will actively contribute to improving the care and treatment of its residents.

“This new establishment is representative of our vision of the retirement home of the future. It will open up on to its district and be connected to the town as it offers its residents, and their families, all of our extensive care and support expertise, in response to the needs of the residents of Pfastatt and the surrounding region. This new generation home, which integrates the latest digital solutions, will also guarantee the quality of working life of its staff” says Charles-Antoine Pinel, Managing Director of Korian France Seniors.

“The conception of a modern retirement home is not possible without providing a means for senior residents to be a part of society or without imagining innovative, human-scale structures which will maintain their independence as long as possible. The CAREIT staff are invested in this approach and are committed to supporting projects that take these issues into consideration and will improve the daily lives of the older generations” declares Filippo Monteleone, Chairman and Founder of CAREIT.

“At Primonial REIM we are very happy to celebrate, alongside KORIAN and CAREIT, the termination of these structural works for the Pfstatt residential care home, and this marks a serious milestone for both the completion of this establishment which will respond to the needs of the residents of Pfstatt and in the deployment of a development partnership” adds Yann Balaÿ, Healthcare-Education Asset Management and Transaction Manager for Primonial REIM.

The innovative architecture of this 2 floor 4,836 m2 building has been conceived around a concept involving 3 small “homes” with cosy and comfortable living areas that will develop a warm and homely feeling.

The support provided to the aged residents will be built around non-medicated therapies that will encourage their well-being and independence. The residents will also benefit from digital services and solutions. For example, the home automation system integrated into the rooms for individual and easy light level and heating adjustments; motion sensors in case of falls; motorised ceiling rails for assisting people with reduced mobility. And finally, the home will be one of the first ever to be fitted with an immersive wall in the entertainments room, on which high definition images and films will be projected to immerse the residents in a calming, stimulating or peaceful environment depending on the desired effect.

About La Cotonnade

• 82 beds

• 2 small scale protected living units (12 rooms per unit) where residents suffering from neuro-degenerative conditions will find familiarity and be able to maintain their independence

• a balneotherapy area

• a therapeutic garden

• a family visit room

About Primonial REIM

Primonial Real Estate Investment Management (Primonial REIM) is a portfolio management company certified by the AMF in 2011; it creates and manages a range of investment schemes based on strong property market convictions. Its main objective is to propose a range of SCPI that invest in office, retail, health/education and residential property to the broadest possible client-base.

As a portfolio management company Primonial REIM sets up and manages OPCI (specifically aimed at either institutional or general public investors). On 10 June 2014 Primonial REIM received AIFM (Alternative Investment Fund Manager) certification from the Autorités des Marchés Financiers (Financial Markets Regulator), and is therefore subjected to strengthened obligations in terms of information, liquidity monitoring and risk management. The Board of Directors includes Grégory FRAPET as Chairman, Stéphanie LACROIX, Managing Director and Tristan MAHAUT, General Secretary.

About the Korian Group Korian, expert in treatment and care services for the aged, runs Europe’s leading network of residential care homes, specialised clinics, service residences and home care services.

About the CAREIT Group

CAREIT is Europe’s leading service platform that is wholly dedicated to the healthcare and medico-social sectors: property investment and management consulting. Since it was first founded, CAREIT has been aiding investors and healthcare companies to construct the future of the healthcare sector, by structuring investments and proposing the services that will be necessary to the sector’s transformation in France and Europe.

CAREIT has skilled healthcare and property experts within multi-skilled teams specialised in assisting strategic projects and developing investments that will encourage growth in the sector.

CAREIT actively contributes to the physical, organisational and digital transformation of the sector through the application of recognised and structured expertise covering 3 activities: advisory & investment; asset & property management consulting; project management & property development.

Key figures: a €1.5 billion euro portfolio l 70 clinics and nursing homes (EHPAD) under management

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